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Our Fixed Income Investment Specialists discuss the continued challenges facing investors.


With investors finding it harder than ever to achieve positive returns in today’s interest rate environment, new ways of things are required.

We have a proven range of fixed income solutions and managers A$148.7 billion* assets on behalf of clients worldwide. Alongside our innovative portfolio construction, our solutions are designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns in this new world.

Absolute Return - we see to provide positive performance in all market conditions, while also helping to carefully control investment risks.

Emerging market debt - we have a dedicated and experienced emerging markets team investing across EM sovereign and corporate debt markets.

Total Return – a solution that aims to offer a compelling total return, but with enhanced downside protection.

Government Bonds – our capabilities extend across the world’s government bond markets and cover a broad range of strategies.

High yield – for those clients seeking a higher yield credit, we offer a range of global high yield solutions.

* Source: Standard Life Investments, as at 31/12/2017
The exchange rate as at 31/12/2017 £1=A$1.729527