Standard Life Investments

Financial Advisers

Standard Life Investments offers the following wholesale products in Australia via select investment platforms.

Standard Life Investments Global Equity Unconstrained Trust ARSN 614 785 367 APIR ETL0489AU (GE Trust)

The GE Trust takes an unconstrained approach to equity investing. Our active management approach uses a bottom-up, fundamental stock selection process that is research intensive, risk aware and benchmark agnostic.

Standard Life Investments Global Absolute Return Strategies Trust ARSN 125 897 261 (GARS Trust)

The GARS Trust aims to exploit inefficiencies across and within markets to maximise risk-adjusted returns. It uses a range of traditional and advanced investment strategies to diversify the sources of returns and minimise the risk for investors.

This highly successful global investment solution is now available to Australian investors via select investment platforms.

At present, GARS is available via MLC Wrap, BT Wrap, Macquarie Wrap, Mason Stevens, Managed Accounts, Hub24, CFS Firstwrap and Netwealth.

Standard Life Investments Global Focused Strategies Trust ARSN 609 422 184 (GFS Trust).

The GFS Trust is an absolute return portfolio that aims to generate positive returns each year irrespective of market conditions. To achieve this performance target, GFS combines our best investment ideas at both a macro and micro level.

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